First Ski Mountaineering Ascent/Descent of Pontoon Peak

In April 2012, Ryan Murray, "Alaska Pete" Lowney and myself were the first to climb and ski the highly sought Pontoon Peak.  After warming up in a zone know as "The Books," which contains more ramps than a grandmother's retirement home, Ryan and I met Pete on a glacier during the snow machine ride into the Deserted Glacier.  Pete offered his local knowledge to lead us through the labyrinth of glaciers to Alaskan ecstasy.

After a 35-mile sled ride, from which not all of the sleds would return unscathed, we set up camp below Pontoon.  A climb that we thought would take 8 hours, 10 if we were going really slow, dragged on to 12 hours of swimming and fighting up though 70 degree snow.
What followed was the best ski descent of my life.  Take a look...

Ryan and Alaska Pete scoping the line
Skinning below a massive icefall
Starting the swim

Final lap of what felt like a 5000m freestyle swim

On the summit at last

My ride down courtesy of Go Pro

Alaska Pete and I... Success

Skiing into the sunset

For more footage, check out an awesome video that Ryan put together of the trip.