Tengi Ragi Tau Teaser

From a dream that started in 2011 to our first Himalayan expedition in 2012, to standing on the summit of a nearly 7000m meter peak for its second ascent 8 years later, the journey to climb Tengi Ragi Tau is a story about persistence and belief. Belief in ourselves and belief in each other. Persistence through our development as climbers, as partners, as friends and persistence through the many difficulties that an endeavor such as alpine climbing delivers.

Over a period of 8 years and 3 expeditions to the mountain, Tino Villanueva and Alan Rousseau succeeded in making the first alpine style ascent of Tengi Ragi Tau, a 6938m peak in the Himalaya of Nepal (second overall ascent of the peak). This is a teaser for a full movie that will document our journey, over the years, that led us to finally stand on top of the mountain we dreamed of climbing.